Board of Directors

Elton Cumberbatch
Founder and CEO

Since August of 2002, Mr. Elton Jason Cumberbatch, the founder/CEO and president of the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc., has been a proud member of the United States Navy. After he finished basic training in 2002, he was stationed on the USS Constellation, one of the US Navy aircraft carriers, where he was deployed to the Gulf region for 6 months as a fireman. After leaving the USS Constellation, Mr. Cumberbatch was assigned to Assault Unit 1 Troop Transport Carrier engineering department where he worked on diesel engines and HVAC systems. On April 15, 2011, Elton was assigned to the USS Pearl Harbor engineering department.

Elton is a native of Guyana, South America. He is the youngest of nine children his mom and dad were blessed to have. Elton and his mother migrated to the United States on February 8, 1997. Elton believes in spreading the joy the Caribbean culture brings to every culture, our communities, and to humanity; thus, he formed the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. (SDCA, Inc.).


Joseph Peters
CFO and Treasurer

Joseph O. Peters was born in Georgetown, Guyana. He attended Christ Church high school. After graduation, he started his own liquor store business. A couple of years later, he migrated to the United States where he furthers his education at Compton Community College. His education background includes a degree in nursing, which he stayed in for two years. He moved on and started his export shipping business from 1988 to the present time. His great passion is bringing healing to people who have been through a traumatic/stressful experience. He helps his clients, who include children, adults, and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.

Thank You, J .O.Peters.

Claycee Holt

Born and raised in California, Claycee Holt has an extensive background of caring for the elderly who will always have a special place in her heart. In recent years she ventured out to start her own company Each1- Teach1 Financial. As a Financial Educator, she is on a mission to educate the masses… Always willing to tie up any loose ends, she wears many hats for the San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc. and the San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival. As the proud band leader of the SDCA Mas Band, she also is a hands-on costume producer. Her motivation for this year’s project is the smiles and great time that was had by thousands of spectators that attended the 1st Annual San Diego West Coast Multicultural Carnival & Festival in 2017. She will continue to promote ONE LOVE, RESPECT AND UNITY ALWAYS!!!

Sharon Cumberbatch
Assistant Treasurer

Ms. Sharon Cumberbatch is the sister of SDCA, Inc. founder and CEO Elton Cumberbatch, and is a native of Guyana, South America. She migrated to the wonderful State of California in 2008. Sharon is presently employed as an in-home provider. Taking care of the elderly is her passion. She came from a productive family of nine, where we honor and respect the elderly. She is the 8th siblings out of the nine children.

Her parents raised all the children in a Christian lifestyle, with “Love, Respect, & Unity” being the core values. After her mother’s passing, Sharon teamed up with her brother and helped created the”Unity Fun Day” SDCA, Inc. There is an old Chinese proverb that says “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With The First Footstep”. The SDCA, Inc. board, membership, volunteers, and friends have taken that first step. Sharon believes all everyone in the organization has to is their best and God will do the rest for us.

Ms. Estelle Agatha Cumberbatch

The biggest motivation toward the forming of SDCA, Inc. is the late Estelle Agatha Cumberbatch, the mother of SDCA, Inc. founder and CEO Elton Cumberbatch. Elton counts himself very fortunate to be the son of this extraordinary and selfless woman, who is his biggest hero.

A woman that demonstrated true love and compassion to everyone she encountered, Ms. Cumberbatch went on to be with the Lord on October 2, 2010. In mid-September 2012, as Elton was reflecting on his mother, this taught came to him, “What can he do in honor of her memory?” Ms. Cumberbatch was a loving, respectable, and caring individual, who loves to see people living in unity and peace. To honor her, Elton decided to host a “Unity Fun Day” in the park. Even though the time period for planning and promotion of this event was short, the turn out was huge. Hundreds of people showed up with all kinds of dishes. This event is what gave birth to San Diego Caribbean Association, Inc.

Randy Johnston
Advisory Board Member

My name is Rannie Johnson from Guyana. I am a retired army major from the Guyana Defence Force. I taught computer programming in New York and was a computer programmer/analyst with Chase Bank on Wall Street. I retired in 2003 and relocated to San Diego. After being bored, I became reemployed as a Facilities Coordinator with a pharmaceutical corporation in La Jolla. When I met our President/CEO, Elton Cumberbatch, I was inspired by his vision, commitment, enthusiasm, drive and energy towards the establishment and development of the SDCA.

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One Love, Respect & Unity
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